Diversity in the boardroom – but not what you think


I read an interesting survey today which highlighted an important issue.

The article is a report on how security and technology are the top of the agenda in Boardrooms. (http://www.afr.com/technology/enterprise-it/security-top-of-the-agenda-as-boards-turn-their-focus-to-technology-20160821-gqxy9g)

There is a great deal of focus on diversity in the boardroom. It’s a serious effort to get more women onto Boards and better represent the broader population and take advantage of the great talent available.

All good.

However the article I read indicated that, whilst diversity in the Boardroom is certainly needed, it may be an additional perspective of diversity that needs to be considered.

The world is changing fast. Very fast.

And whilst there are certainly demographic and social issues contributing to the change, technology is at its core.

I am often concerned about the lack of knowledge in the business community about important issues such as security, connectivity, real time data and analytics, virtual reality, gamification, and cloud platforms.

Ok, this may seem a weird thing to say, but how many members of boards can you see wearing a VR headset? Or using gameing approaches to better understand technology and therefore social and work trends?

It’s not weird. It’s actually important.

The world is changing. And it’s changing fast.

I wonder whether the common view on diversity needs to be broadened and become, well, more diverse?

Age, background, gender, experience in transformation/disruption/innovation, and successes and failures thereby arising are all diversity criteria. And as clever as lawyer and bankers are, are they really diverse in their thinking and experience?

The pace of change isn’t going to alter. And the boardroom needs people with the right skills to keep up.


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