Don’t run away from a crisis – well done Samsung!


I have to admit I am a bit of a tech geek.

I love trying different new technology and gadgets. I’m always awaiting that lightening-strike-moment when the new technology moves the earth beneath my feet. You know, like when Apple removes the earplug socket..NOT.

But I do love the innovation and the way awesome design constantly refines and improves the experience, and therefore usefulness, and therefore productivity of the tools.

For example, I’m a great fan of the job Microsoft has done with the Surface range. And the cameras on most smartphones nowadays are brilliant. I love Snapchatting marked-up pictures with my family and a few close trusted friends. I zoom around in the world of VR. I love Apple TV and Sonos. And I use z-wave for my home automation which I program myself. Turn those lights off family!! Yes, a geek indeed.

However it’s fair to say that our smartphones are our most important day-to-day device. And I tried going to an iPhone recently but end up switching back to my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as my favourite and most useful device. I love the s-pen and the flexibility of the device.

So when the Note 7 came out, I was one of the first to get one. No queue for me. Day 1 delivery to “Ebbeck TIG Consulting” headquarters!

What an amazing device. Sleek, fast, integrated. Smooth. Brilliant design. I love it. Best device I’ve ever used. and the s-pen even more useful (please note: I have no commercial or other relationship with Samsung!!).

But they had the infamous problem with some of the batteries. Yep, a problem. Like many product issues, a tiny proportion of devices reported as having a problem but a problem nonetheless. Safety of people must come first.

Integrity is an interesting concept.

When you face a crisis, do you deny it? Do you argue it’s not really such a big issue? Do you brush it under the carpet? Do you fix things one by one after the event?

Many companies handle things differently.

I have to admit I was impressed by Samsung’s approach.

They took action fast. They were ahead of the authorities and were proactive. Replacement temporary devices and new ones available within a couple of weeks.

I picked up my replacement Note 7 on Thursday. It has the nice little Google-approved green battery icon to prove it.

It’s easy to be critical when problems occur.

Is anyone happy that their new shiny Note 7 had to be replaced? No – I’m not – pain in the back side. Is Samsung happy? I suspect NOT! Are Samsung’s shareholders impressed? Certainly not! Is Apple happy? Probably not as they’ve had their own share of issues over the years. Were the temporary devices as good as the Note 7? Of course not.

Whilst the problems as a result of the Note 7 battery issues will impact Samsung for sometime to come, I’m impressed with the speed and integrity with which they seem to have acted.

Well done Samsung.

And I’m still loving my Note 7! Best device I’ve ever used!


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