Integrity does actually matter..


When I was at Oracle we launched a program called Integrity Matters.


Now, I am NOT into mother-hood statements.

I love my mum. I reckon all mums are awesome.

But I’m not into statements that every person should  consider pure just because they are generically nice.

Ask that wonderful author, Tara Moss. I have. What an awesome story about great talent she is!

Integrity does actually matter.

It does.

I like the old line that informs you to only do something that you would be happy to see on the front page of your local newspaper.

Provided you are a decent person, that means something, right?

So a couple of thoughts.

One. You actually need to have some self awareness to understand this concept. Its not about what you think. Actually, what you think doesn’t really count. It does to you!  But other people are a tad more insightful than we think. Yes, I know, there are people out there that think I’m a boof-head for even writing this, right? I got it! But I’m aware of their contrary view and it balances my thinking to some extent. But not my fundamental view. Integrity Matters. And contrary views are respected but not shared by me.

Two. Other people’s views do matter. We are the result of our own DNA + our upbringing. We are a composite. And we change.

And what’s important is One plus Two. Our view counts. So does the view of others. And we change as a result.


Integrity Matters!

And…be prepared to make tough decisions about integrity. I did. It’s worth it!

Say no more!


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