The boxing day grin


I come from a large family.

Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me, as these sorts of important cultural events are for people all around the world on their special days.

It changes in  meaning as time  goes on, but somehow never loses its magic.

Of course its always about family and friends. It’s always great to catch up with as many family members as possible, and of course miss those who can’t be there or who have moved on to the great cricket ground in the sky. I love you dad. I especially love caching up with my mum. She still makes the most wicked Christmas ice-cream cake. And of course we share stories, catch up on the ups and downs of the year, and get to know each other just a little bit better. This year also has special meaning in my family as my brother-in-law, who is a great mate and a soul brother, is fighting cancer. So its special to spend time with him. He will win his fight.

Over the years, I’ve reserved Boxing Day as my “I couldn’t care about anything in the world” day.

Well, that’s not quite true. I care about the Boxing Day cricket test match. I very selfishly reserve that day as the one when I just enjoy the cricket from the “Tim Ebbeck Pavillion”, have a few quiet drinks, and do nothing else. People are always welcome to join me. But I’m watching the cricket. Period.

Well, that’s not all I do.

See, I sort of use Boxing Day as my day to reflect on how the last year has gone. For me, my family, my friends, my career, my job, my company, my interests. We don’t tend to do that enough, do we?

As I do the reflection, I like to think about what I learned during the year.

We always learn from what didn’t go so well, right? And if you come from a large Catholic family like me, it’s easy to dwell on those things.

But I reckon its very important to focus on the positive things, the successes, the big and little triumphs that made you smile during the year. The big deal at work, a world cup win or two, seeing a whale on your boat up close and personal, that new friendship, seeing someone else succeed.

The positive’s are important.

It’s why I like to encourage people to join me in reflecting on Boxing Day. And to get that grin on your face as you consider the things that made you smile during the day.

Now, one warning. Sometimes, people will look across at me and see me with a stupid grin on my face between overs whilst I’m watching the cricket. They’ve learned not to ask. I can have a stupid grin on my face if I want to! After all, it’s my  “I couldn’t care about anything in the world” day, right?

Merry Christmas grinners!


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