Your reputation isn’t what you think it is


All organisations and individuals have a brand.

In fact, your brand and reputation are probably your most important assets.

But it’s not about what you think your brand is

Reputation is how others see you and talk about ‘you’.

The trick is to master the ability to manage the perception by delivering substance and delivering on your ‘promise’.

Ok, so your reputation is everything.

So what are some of the tools you can use to develop your brand?

Here are some ideas.

Soar with your strengths

What was most successful project or sale you ever undertook?

What was the most important team role you ever fulfilled?

What is you “go to” skill when confronting challenges?

What are the strengths that others acknowledge in you?

Do other people acknowledge your strengths are the ones you think they are?

Know your top 5 signature strengths REALLY well and play to them.

And whilst we all have weaknesses, our own kryptonite, acknowledge you can’t eliminate them. In fact, as experts in Positive Psychology will attest, effort put into improving your strengths has a far better ROI than effort put into trying to eliminating weaknesses.

Mitigate the impact of your weaknesses, sure, but focus on your strengths as you will SOAR with them.

BECAUSE…your brand is driven by your strengths.

Tap into your values

What are the things that make you tick, really tick?

What is your personal compass that provides direction to the choices you make?

It’s really important that you pursue activities and interests aligned with your values.

If you’re not aligned, then you will have emotional tension, use more energy, and have more conflict internally and with others.

Your values are hard to define until they are violated.

And remember, they come from your family and upbringing, not slogans on walls or in strategic plans.

BECAUSE…your brand is defined by your values

Pursue your passions with passion!

Our passions fuel our behaviour.

They enable us to really effectively engage and inspire other people.

They absolutely re-energize you when another task or experience drains you.

But importantly, they are actually enabled by your subconscious.

It’s important to provide a productive outlet for excess energy or stress to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

BECAUSE…your brand story is enhanced by your passions

Know your purpose!

Authenticity must be at the core of our purpose. You can only “fake it” for so long, right?

In pursuing your purpose, you can be your best self, and use your strengths in a positive way.

Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

Your purpose is your big picture, your internal vision of what you would like to achieve.

AND…taking “on-purpose” action defines your brand.

So, there are some tools to help define your brand.

Success depends on leadership and whether people choose to stay and trust their leaders.
Why will people follow you?


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