Worry is interest paid on a problem before it falls due!


Unless you have zero EQ, it’s very normal to occasionally experience the impostor syndrome.

You know what I mean – that gut wrenching feeling (particularly in a public speaking environment) where you are waiting for someone to call out that you are a fraud, you don’t know what you are talking about, that everything you are saying is wrong.

Now, like most things we worry about, it never happens.

And as professionals, we are a lot better and stronger than we think.

Experience provides so many benefits – once something is in your database of experience, you become more resilient, more comfortable.

We are able to adapt to differing situations more readily and play different roles in different circumstances.

We are able to take on challenges more confidently.

We have greater access to skills and resources.

Don’t get me wrong – never be complacent.

By all means plan and prepare. Do that really well.

But don’t be consumed by self-doubt and fear – worry is genuinely interest paid on a problem before it falls due.


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